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Anticipated Release Spring 2022
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Studies in Judeo-Christian Thought Monograph Series

A Scholarly Project from SCS Press

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Series Editor:

Dr. Cory M. Marsh, Southern California Seminary

The chief aim of the Studies in Judeo-Christian Thought Monograph Series (SJCTMS) is to provide a rigorous, peer-reviewed publishing platform for scholarly projects that align with the mission of SCS Press. Each volume reflects the highest degree of academic scholarship along with an aptitude for making meaningful contributions from a biblical-fundamentalist or conservative-evangelical framework. Every author in the series, regardless of their topic of study, believe the Bible to be God’s holy and unalterable word revealed through divinely-chosen prophets and apostles for the purpose of His glory and the good of mankind, and, as a corollary, that canonized Scripture is inspired, inerrant, authoritative, and fully sufficient for life and godliness. 

Only projects that evidence a high degree of scholarly competence and research that contributes to the wider body of knowledge pertaining to Bible, theology, and/or history will be considered for SJCTMS. Submissions considered for publication will be those that uphold biblical-fundamentalist convictions and make an original contribution in one of six large categories: Old Testament, New Testament, Theology (biblical, systematic, historical, and theological systems), hermeneutical theory, ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman literature, and interdisciplinary studies. Though not required, scholarly projects advancing dispensational thought are particularly encouraged for the series.

Editorial Board:

  • Dr. Kevin Bauder, Central Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Neal Cushman, Bob Jones University
  • Dr. James I. Fazio, Southern California Seminary
  • Dr. John K. Goodrich, Moody Bible Institute
  • Dr. Michael Grisanti, The Master’s Seminary
  • Dr. David Gunn, Baptist Bible Seminary
  • Dr. Paul Hartog, Faith Baptist College and Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Paul Himes, Baptist College and Ministry
  • Dr. Mark Kelley, Compass Bible Institute
  • Dr. Andreas J. Köstenberger, Biblical Foundations
  • Dr. Benjamin P. Laird, John W. Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University
  • Dr. Phillip J. Long, Grace Christian University
  • Dr. Jeremy Lyon, Truett-McConnell University
  • Dr. Todd Mangum, Missio Seminary
  • Dr. Tim Miller, Shepherds Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Jeremiah Mutie, Southern California Seminary
  • Dr. Kevin Oberlin, Bob Jones University
  • Dr. Jon Pratt, Central Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Jonathan Rinker, Appalachian Bible College
  • Dr. Charles Savelle, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Dr. W. Andy Smith, Shepherds Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Mark Snoeberger, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Ched Spellman, Cedarville University
  • Dr. Michael Svigel, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Dr. William Varner, The Master’s University
  • Dr. Brian Wagner, Veritas Baptist College
  • Dr. Mark Ward, Logos Bible Software
  • Dr. John Yeo, Southern California Seminary
Book Details
Anticipated Release Spring 2022
Appx Page Count 125
SCS Press Publishing

About the Author:

Cory M. Marsh, Ph.D. is Professor of New Testament at Southern California Seminary (El Cajon, CA) and Scholar in Residence at Revolve Bible Church (San Juan Capistrano, CA). Cory and his wife Shannan have been married thirteen years and live in Mission Viejo, CA.

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