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Released: May 2023
Page Count 399
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Edited by Cory M. Marsh & James I. Fazio

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Refuting the claim that dispensational thought is a nineteenth century innovation, this book offers a much needed corrective on an age-old misconception. In Discovering Dispensationalism, a dozen leading scholars trace the development of dispensational thought from the world of the New Testament through the present day. Throughout the volume distinct milestones that emerged over two millennia are connected, reflecting what would later become known as dispensationalism. The historical significance of this biblical-theological framework demonstrates that dispensationalism, far from being “dead” or “fallen,” continues to shape Christian thought in the twenty-first century. 

“This analysis of the various periods of church history reveals three important truths about the theological movement called dispensationalism. First, it shows that elements of later dispensational teaching occurred in nearly every period before J. N. Darby, with his distinction between the heavenly and the earthly people of God, produced its most influential form in the nineteenth century. Secondly, it explains that the movement was far from monolithic, with commentators of contrasting schools of thought postulating different dispensations. And thirdly it stresses that dispensationalism was not only a version of apocalyptic speculation but was deeply grounded in a literal hermeneutic of Scripture. The twelve authors of the chapters, not all of whom are themselves dispensationalists, have done a service to the church and the academy by producing a resource which, though sympathetic, is not polemical.”

– David Bebbington, PhD
Emeritus Professor of History, University of Stirling

Book Details
Released: May 2023
Page Count 399
SCS Press



Why the Need for this Book: Correcting Age-Old Misconceptions – Cory M. Marsh 

Dispensational Thought in the Ancient Mediterranean:

1. New Testament Era (AD 30-90) – James I. Fazio

2. Patristic Era (100-250) – Paul A. Hartog

3. Nicene Era (250-400) – Jeremiah Mutie

Dispensational Thought in Vintage Europe:

4. Medieval Era (450-1450) – William C. Watson

5. Reformation Era (1450-1600) – Ron J. Bigalke

6. Pre-Darby Era (1600-1800) – Mark A. Snoeberger

7. John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) – Max Weremchuk

Dispensational Thought in Modern America:

8. American Bible Conference Movement: Transition Across the Atlantic (1875–1910) – Larry D. Pettegrew

9. Internal Developments: Grace Theology and Mid-Acts (1880-1930) – Phillip J. Long

10. The Golden Years of Dispensationalism: Scofield to Lindsey (1900-1970) – Thomas Ice

11. Further Internal Developments: The Progressive Movement (1980-present) – Darrell L. Bock


Tying Up Loose Ends: Retrospect and Prospect of Dispensational Thought – Cory M. Marsh and James I. Fazio

Author Interview on the Bible Sojourner Podcast

About the Editors:

Cory M. Marsh, Th.M., Ph.D. is Professor of New Testament at Southern California Seminary. He has authored or edited multiple essays, books, and articles in various academic journals and is a frequent conference speaker. Cory completed a Ph.D. in Biblical Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City. 

James I. Fazio, Th.M., D.Min., Ph.D. is Professor of Biblical Studies and Dean of Bible and Theology at Southern California Seminary. He is the author and editor of several books and articles related to dispensational thought, and recently completed a Ph.D. in History at Queens University Belfast. 

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