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Becoming J.N.D.


This superb new book builds on Max Weremchuk’s defining biographical study of its subject to offer the most detailed account yet of John Nelson Darby’s early life. Darby’s work and influence is attracting increasing attention. Becoming J.N.D. will be a foundational work in that field.

Crawford Gribben, Professor of Early Modern British History, Queens University Belfast

Many have come to associate the name John Nelson Darby with the rapture doctrine or dispensational theology. However, surprisingly little effort has been spent on understanding the man behind these ideas. In this groundbreaking work, historian Max Weremchuk (author of John Nelson Darby: A Biography) looks under the veneer of this overlooked figure, to reveal the man behind the moniker “J.N.D.” With material included from sources never before accessed, Becoming “J.N.D” probes deeply into Darby’s early formative years, before biblical prophecy played a major role in his life. The result is a critical three-dimensional portrait of a man who has often been made a caricature.

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